Fresh Pasta

We offer pasta in a wide range of shapes, ranging from familiar favourites like penne and tagliatelle to specialities such as fregola and malloreddus. Our pasta dough is made exclusively from semolina (durum wheat) flour from Molino Dallagiovanna in Italy, along with organic eggs sourced right here in Ireland.

All our pasta can be customised upon request. Special ingredients can be incorporated to impart a unique flavour and colour. We also offer pasta infused with Sardinian saffron, yielding dishes with a larger-than-life golden colour and a luxurious saffron flavour. For the most striking result, you may wish to try our squid ink pasta, which is sure to impress diners with its deep black colour and subtle briny flavour.

Our freshly made pasta, cakes and patisserie are available on request for restaurants, hotels and catering companies throughout Dublin.

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Cakes & Patisserie

At Santo we offer a wide range of pastries and cakes. Our pastry range includes such items as torrone (a type of nougat from Southern Europe), macaroons and an assortment of mini chocolates of different flavours, including pistachio and orange. Our selection of cakes includes one made from polenta (specially prepared cornmeal), as well as familiar favourites such as cobblers and Sacher cakes.

All our products are made using the highest quality ingredients. The flour we use is sourced from Molino Dallagiovanna, and is designed specifically for desserts. Because we bake each item fresh, we are flexible in accommodating special requests. Our selection of cakes and pastries include vegan and gluten-free options. From large selection trays to single-portion desserts, we are confident we can meet the particular needs of your business.

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All products are delivered promptly in our refrigerated van, ensuring a controlled environment is maintained on its journey.