Domenico Santo

“Our story begins in a small shop with a small team. With nothing but passion and a dream our brand was born.”

Domenico Santo, the mastermind behind Santo, is an Executive Chef in Dublin. Hailing from Alghero, a seaside town on the island of Sardinia, his roots are reflected in the selections offered in these establishments, where Sardinian pasta such as malloreddus and fregula are given pride of place beside such staples as penne and spaghetti. Santo hopes you will be able to enjoy these delicacies at home, as well as in his restaurants, with the establishment of the Pasta Santo brand.

Andrea Ascione

“We started making the products we wanted to see in the world and we did this with an uncompromising approach to sustainability.”

Santo's resident pastry chef, Andrea Ascione's steady hand and eagle eye for detail guarantees the high standard of excellence in Santo's pastry products.

Manuele Mikhail

“Fresh pasta making requires a lot love and dedication. It may seems a simple process but actually, it take years of experience to make it right.”

Manuele Mikhail is a man passionate about pasta. From his early years in Rome, he discovered the joys of great pasta, and he has taken this with him on his travels and studies with such institutions as the Italian Food Academy and the Campus Etoile Academy. His dedication to the craft is evident from his years of work perfecting the art of kneading, cutting and folding pasta, allowing him now to produce pasta in shapes of truly astounding beauty and intricacy.